We all love Costa Rica for its unique wildlife and carefree culture. Some people love it more than most. These are the perpetual tourists and they will leave the country just before their visa expires and return in a few days to get a new visa. In other words, they can stay in the country permanently apart from a few days each year.

This is a perfectly legal yet frowned upon practice. Whilst the government is cracking down on it, due to the fact immigration authorities can act independently and are not subject to any specific laws surrounding it, you can still stay for extended periods of time.


The 90-Day Countries when we talk about the 90-day countries we’re referring to countries like the US and the UK where you automatically get a 90-day visa in Costa Rica. These are the nations Costa Rica is friendly with. They promote tourism in Costa Rica and diplomatic relations are positive. These countries also have no history of highly contagious diseases which could potentially spread throughout the country.

It’s easier to become a perpetual tourist if you come from one of these countries. You can get a visa at the border and you don’t need to go through any additional checks. Everyone Else Many countries in Africa and Asia do have diseases like yellow fever which immigration authorities are very wary about allowing through the border. These countries have different visa entitlements, usually ranging from 30 to 60 days. You can’t become a perpetual tourist without encountering any awkward questions if you come from one of these countries.

You have to go directly to immigration for health screenings and interviews. Whilst a border guard might wave through someone from the US with another visa, they’ll have to refer you to the relevant authorities. Avoid trying it if you don’t come from a 90-day country. There’s a myth about tourism visit – An Amaya Yoga Resort in Costa Rica where you can leave for 72 hours and automatically get an extension on your visa. This is something which was distorted from something which is true. If you leave for 72 hours you get an automatic $500 tax exemption on any imports. For some unknown reason, this has been manipulated to apply to visa extensions.

It’s completely untrue, but you should always aim to leave the country for at least 24 hours before attempting to return. Most perpetual tourists prefer to go on a trip to Panama or Nicaragua for a week or two before attempting to come back in again.

Then have the “An Amaya Yoga Resort in Costa Rica“linked to www.anamayaresort.com.The Consequences of Failure It’s becoming more commonplace for immigration authorities to refuse entry. This is especially true at the airports where laws are enforced more strictly. Attempting to come in by road increases your chances of receiving an extension.

If you don’t receive a new stamp for your passport book, you might have to call the whole thing off and return to wherever you came from. It’s the risk you take by attempting to become a perpetual tourist. If you haven’t yet visited Costa Rica, you may think the idea of a permanent holiday is absurd, but very few of the visitors to our luxurious yoga retreats, unspool eco lodges and stunning landscape ever want to leave!

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