Getting over to Paris has literally never been as easy or affordable as it is right now. With flights leaving the UK every couple of minutes, and taking less than 2 hours, no matter where you live on the Island of England, there really is no excuse remaining for missing out on what Paris has to offer. So whether you are looking to get away for a short break, or something a little more substantial as a holiday vacation, Paris has something for everyone. Below, we take a look at a tiny sample of what you can do while in Paris.

Getting To Paris


France is very well known when it comes to fashion, so it should only make sense therefore that it’s Capital Paris would & Should be known as the global capital of all things fashion. Seriously, the sheer amount of stores and malls available in the city are vast, and one could not hope to visit every place while here – not even close! So if you are booking your flight from Manchester to Paris, It may be worth considering packing an extra, empty suitcase for all of your additional purchased items that you will be taking home with you!

Food & Drink

Another thing that France is known for in general, is the quality of its food and drink. Many of the world’s finest chefs can be found in, or have come from Paris, so it is safe to assume that you will be eating world class cuisine while in the city. And naturally, you will want to indulge with some wine to accompany dinner. Paris has its own vineyard, the Clos Montmartre so if you manage to get your hands on a wine from this vineyard, you will know booking that flight Newcastle Paris was well worth it, as you cannot get more local, more fresh or indigenous than that!

City of Culture

Other than the fashion & fine cuisines, Paris is also known for its art galleries and museums. Perhaps, there is no other city with the sheer amount of works of art on display for the general public’s enjoyment. While you are here, a visit to the Louvre is a must. The museum with the glass pyramid outside, most recently seen in the Da Vinci Code movie, houses priceless and infinitely famous works of art, such as the Mona Lisa & the Venus de Milo.

So there we have it. It could take a lifetime to truly explore everything that Paris has to offer, and even then, one could be missing out on something. This may be one of the reasons why many feel that just one trip here is not enough. But then again, it could be because this place has the right mix of everything one’s heart desires, when it comes to the ideal vacation destination, for short or longer breaks.

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